Practice knitting therapy with David

David Pearce is someone who isn’t afraid of spending a billion hours on a knitting project. Emma of Heartland, has posted an inspiring interview of him on her soulful blog. If you would like to master cable knitting, we are offering private classes with David as a reward for our Pozible Campaign.

Photos courtesy of Emma Byrnes

A new life for some old jeans

Need a touch of je ne sais quoi in your home?This patchwork denim cushion (approx. 43x43cm and comes with insert) is being offered as a reward in the Pop Craft Studio Pozible Campaign. Choose your favourite wash, acid for lovers of the eighties or stone for those reliving the nineties. My personal favourite, raw is also available. If you are sentimentally attached to an old pair and cannot bring yourself to part with them - but perhaps cannot get yourself into them either - we can give them a new incarnation.




I Love Weaving, Part 2

As the semesters passed I delved deeper into the world of weaving, and was now obsessed with Tapestry (usually done on an upright loom). I was in love with it because it felt like painting with yarn. Just like paint, i could mix strands of yarn of different colours to create a new colour. The warp was my blank canvas and abstract visions materialised into a series of knots and passes. I had not foreseen it to being so liberating.
Finally, I graduated in 2009 with a talented bunch of peers I admired very much, and who have remained friends. Since then my passion for learning new textile techniques has lingered so I decided to start Pop Craft Studio. I am hoping that it will become a place of great journeys and discoveries for those eager to create.
 If you would like to support the project, please go to:
Pop Craft Studio Pozible Campaign
Thank you.
First year project based on a design by Cailan Burnsimage

Navajo samples



Shaped tapestry


Graduation Project- Big O & Mini O




I Love Weaving, Part 1 by Pauline Tran

I have always believed that I was born under a lucky star, and I’ve followed it ever since.  It led me to my good friend Yoshie, who one day spoke to me about an amazing Textile Design course at RMIT.  A week later I received my letter of acceptance into the Diploma of Studio Textiles. The journey of a lifetime started with my first weaving class.  It was led by Rachel Halton, and her encyclopaedic knowledge of the craft completely blew my mind. She taught me how to weave. Here are some images from my uni vault. It was a time when my mind was constantly tangled up in the thousands of warps ends I had to thread.
The making of a rug
Waves and gulls

Double weave samples

Studio Progress

The outer poly-carbon shell is on and the room is starting to reveal its shape. Our vision for the studio is slowly getting clearer as the walls go up. Hopefully, by the end of the week the room will be fully enclosed. You never know though… things always take way longer that planned.

This is a view of the  outside of the studio. Our door is the one with the tree in front of it. Next on the production line is the 3 metres deep decking that will stretch over the creek canopy and, apparently, somewhere down the track… a pizza oven!

Pop craft Newsletter 2014

Hello family and friends of Pop Craft,

This year long hiatus is coming to an with the birth of a new dream project:

Pop Craft Studio- a brand new centre for the study of textile techniques, from the past into the future.

This idea of creating an inspirational space in which to take textile master classes was borne from the sad reality that more and more specialised textile courses are being affected by funding cuts. Pop Craft Studio endeavours to keep traditions and techniques alive by offering classes instructed by local and international textile experts.

We are also excited at the prospect of having an artist-in-residence program, an individual mentorship/business development scheme for emerging textile designers and Big Pop! – an irregular gallery space showcasing monumental fibre art works. And as a way to inspire creative dialogue, a monthly Friday Night Feast will also be held in the studio (or on the outdoor deck, when the seasons allow).

Regular blog updates will document the building of the space and the current Pop Craft Studio Pozible campaign we are running.

Pop Craft welcomes you with open heart into this new chapter of its life, i.e come and visit us in the studio when it’s ready.



PopCraftPromo1-2 from Pop Craft on Vimeo.

Tantalising tapestry weaving at the Craft Hatch Market

Maryanne Moodie and i had the pleasure of offering weaving enthusiasts the chance to weave their own little brooches at the Craft Hatch Market of Saturday the 1st of June. Much to our delight, each and everyone of them were woven with great ease, confidence and enjoyment, so hats off to all the participants. Also, a big thank once again to Kim Brockett for thinking of Popcraft.

The New Age of knitted jewellery by “ellenii”

You graduated from the Textile Design course at RMIT, do you also have a background in jewellery making or didi it just come naturally to you?

When I first graduated from high school my first Tafe course was Jewellery Design at NMIT. I worked with a variety of metals to construct my own jewellery. I completed one year, then after  I was always experimenting on my own and a lot of things just came naturally for me. From a young age I was always constructing and designing my own accessories.

What do you have more of in your wardrobe, knitwear or Jewellery?

 My wardrobe has more accessories, I have more jewellery. I love layering accessories and i love sculptural pieces, it completes an outfit. I do have a wide variety of knitted scarfs, I have this obsession with scarfs, they can make the outfit more interesting.

What is your holy trinity of Inspiration?

 When i design my pieces I am always inspired by nature and organic form. Textures on tree trunks, leaves and landscapes. Knit is all about touch, so I love to create interesting textures.

Will we be seeing some garments from “Ellenii” in the near future?

Yes, I do want to go into that direction of producing “elenii” garments. I can already see some of my jewellery pieces and scarfs in garment form. I want to transfer some of my jewellery designs and some features into a full garment. I love knitting open work, ladder effects and creating my own shapes in the knit.

Photos courtesy of Helen Noulas




elenii at Pop Craft

elenii - Handcrafted experimental Knitted accessories, standout textured pieces with attention to detail and intricate designs. 

Melbourne born and raised, Helen Noulas discovered a passion for unique, handcrafted jewellery at a very young age. Creating her own standout, experimental pieces in her spare time, Helen pursued her love for knitted jewellery at RMIT University where she completed a Diploma of Textile Design and Development.

Following the completion of her Diploma, Helen launched her own knitwear jewellery range, incorporating elements such as texture, form and pattern to create her very first collection. Known for her attention to detail , Helen’s range reflects such structure and careful construction.

Helen creates her pieces using a Single bed domestic knitting machine whilst uses hand manipulated techniques to allow each piece to tell it’s own story. elenii’s new collection for Autumn/Winter is called “Gypsy Rose”. 
Showcasing her trademark statement piece jewellery, with large sculptural pieces also the small and intricate. In this collection elenii is incorporating metal and knit, a dark gem coloured palette with a mix of metallics. 

Photos courtesy of Helen Noulas